Healthcare Technology: Local, National, and Global Consideration

We hardly have to imagine these days, but it is important to be able to put ourselves in another role to experience the discussion question as an informatic nurse. Imagine that you are a public health nurse, and you and your colleagues have determined that the threat of a deadly new strain of influenza indicates a need for a mass inoculation program in your community. What public health data would have been used to determine the need for such a program? Where would you locate public health data? What data will be collected to determine the success of such a program? How might you communicate this to other communities or internationally?The course objectives for this week are:Outline how the HITECH Act and its impact on HIPAA apply to nursing practice.Give examples of how integrated data and interoperability supports quality patient care on the local, region, and global levels.Describe how clinical decision support can be used to meet the needs of clinicians and clients.Describe agency-based health information systems.Define the various purposes and outputs from information systems used in the healthcare setting.Detail the process for conducting a workflow analysis.Describe the intent of meaningful use as it relates to the Medicare Access and Summary CHIP Reauthorization ActSo in addition to this very relevant discussion question this week, our course content WebEx will review a lot of the rules and legislation that guide our practice. It is going to be a very interesting week!