HIWD 460 Atlantic World DB1 (Week 2)

It provides a thorough response to the selected prompt and offers a thoughtful analysis that engages with the assigned reading. The post makes at least 2 specific references to the assigned reading. Correct spelling and grammar are used.

At least 2 scholarly citations are presently using the current Turabian format. The Broken Spears explores the conquest of the Mexica (Aztec) empire from the perspective of native Americans. In your initial post, please choose a significant point from the text and explain why you made this choice, its significance to the class, or the Atlantic World History methods. Then, you might explore any of the below: How did the Mexica portray/understand Cortes and the Spanish? Was the defeat of the Mexica a foregone conclusion? Explore the first encounters. Why were the Mexica defeated? Explore the religion or society of the Mexica as portrayed in the text How is this text an Atlantic World text?

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