Home Calls for papers Linking entrepreneurship and society: Solving current and future social challenges

Possible Research Questions* What do fields such as entrepreneurship, business studies, public economics, among others, say about entrepreneurship for socioeconomic development and social benefit?* How do institutions shape governments’/policymakers’ decision-making to better manage entrepreneurship as a vehicle to achieving socioeconomic development and overcome social and economic crises?* What business or managerial factors are conducive to or harmful for encouraging entrepreneurship related to economic and social outcomes?* Is there a multilevel interplay between macro-level factors and (regional) stakeholders that explain entrepreneurship, growth, and socioeconomic development?* What types of entrepreneurial activities do bring solutions and applications for society under uncertain environments? What effect does environmental uncertainty have for entrepreneurs in the balance between economic and societal goals? How do entrepreneurs and businesses, in general, react to mitigate such uncertainty while helping society?* What is the response of new ventures when a state fragility exists across countries and regions? How does the social support of places aim at achieving diversity in entrepreneurship and the progress of communities’ productivity at the same time?* How do different constructs and scales of entrepreneurial behavior vary across regions and countries? What differences in terms of socio-economic development paths do exist when assessing a variety of business, institutional, and global factors?* How do institutions condition entrepreneurial behavior within firms for them to create commercial and social value? How quickly do entrepreneurial firms react, and through which solutions and applications for society, when institutional changes take place?* What is deemed ‘productive’ and to whom, and how is that productivity can be grounded in business and society, rather than business or society