How did Progress become a hegemonic idea in Latin America, and what was the consequence?

1. How did Progress become a hegemonic idea in Latin America,and what was the consequence?
2. Can you describe specific elements of the mid-nineteenth-centurytransportation revolution?
3. How did the transportation revolution alter Latin America’seconomic prospects and its political balance of power?
4. How do Mexico’s Reforma of the 1850s and its aftermath embodythemes of a liberal comeback throughout the region?
5. What did Progress mean to Latin American women of varioussocial descriptions?


Discuss 5 people (historical, actors/musicians, etc.) you consider deviant and why?

Write a research paper on Mood Disorder and Self-Harm

Write a paper in which you forecast the future (at least 5 years) of advertising and public relations.

Write a paper outlining the critical need for public stewardship in budgeting.

Write a research paper for Finance- Comprehensive financial analysis of Coca-Cola company and Pepsi Co

How did this issue become so critical and what is the US doing to protect, enforce or fix this problem?

What are some other factors necessary for policy-makers in the 21st century to consider (e.g., the environment, energy and commodity prices, global security—i.e., terrorism, piracy, on-line piracy, etc)?

Explain the concept of externalities. In one to two paragraphs, address the following questions: What do economists mean when they say an economic activity produces an externality? Give an example of a negative externality. How does

After reading “What can be Learned from the Past?” and “Soviet Deception in the cuban Missile Crisis” (links below) identify any cognitive shortfalls associated with individual or group perception, memory, analysis, or biases associated with “Operation Anadyr”.

How does Arrowsmith reveal the increasing commercialism of medical practice and research? Technology and Society Forum