How does geography play a role in Islamic history?

Four out of the following seven questions will be on your exam. You will only need to answer three out of the four, and may do the fourth question for extra credit (please indicate which one is your extra credit response on your exam). Each response should be between 200 words (about a paragraph), but may be longer, and can be modeled on your Weekly Comments. An “A” response will draw primarily on evidence from the readings.
1. How does geography play a role in Islamic history? (#06 files)
2. What qualities did Chinggis Khan (Genghis Khan) look for in his followers? (#07 files)
3. In what ways did the Ming dynasty help farmers? (#09 files)
4. What does the rise of the Olmec show about the transition from chiefdoms to states? (#10 files)
5. What were some of the features of urban life in Teotihuacán? (#10 files)
6. What was Khadija’s role in early Islam? How did her death affect Muhammad? (#06 files)
7. How did Hinduism change in the first millennia of the Common Era (1 CE/1 AD- 1000 CE/AD)? (#05 files)