how my emotions are the best way to guide what is morally right and wrong

Out-of-Class Writing Assignments:
Requirements for all out-of-class writing assignments
1) Even though you will be submitting essays electronically, please put this heading at the top
right-hand section of the page: Name, Philosophy 101, the Essay # [1,2, or 3]
2) Minimum 375 words double-spaced, Times New Roman or another standard typeface
3) Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation
4) Proper Citation Method: Generally, you will not need to use citations for your essays because
they are mostly personal opinion pieces. However, if you do make use of a source, you must cite
it correctly. You may use the citation method with which you are most comfortable (MLA,
APA), but whichever one you choose, use it properly. Every citation requires a reference, every
reference requires a citation. Never cut and paste. Avoid plagiarism at all costs!
5) Your first paragraph should include your thesis statement (the claim that you wish to support),
your plan for the paper [something of an outline], and any background for the thesis that will
help the reader start out on the “same page” as you are. Following paragraphs should provide
support for your thesis. Next, in a new paragraph anticipate objections that someone might have
to your thesis and respond to those objections. [This might be the hardest part for you.] Finally,
provide a concluding paragraph.
6) Upload your essay to the appropriate assignment link on Canvas before the stated due date and
time. Do not send your essay to me as an email attachment.
Essay #1: Pick a Claim
Choose one of the claims that are listed on the Pick a Claim documents available to you on
Canvas. The statement of your choice is your thesis statement that needs to be clearly set forth
in your first paragraph. Write your essay using the format explained above. Provide arguments in
favor of your claim, anticipate, and respond to possible objections to your claim, draw a
conclusion. Follow the instructions above regarding your essays.