How should companies react to customer complaints?

needs toidentify a consumer behavior topic of their interest, and prepare a criticalliterature review of the topic based on their research of the relevantscientific literature. Table of contents1.Introduction·Relevance of the problem·Description of the problem·Analysis of the possibleperspectives on/solutions tothe problem·Problemstatement and research questions/hypotheses ·Preconditionsfor carrying out the study and delimitations ·Clarificationof use of concepts/important definitions, ·Choiceof theoretical framework if relevant ·Choiceof general methodology (survey, experiment etc.)·Structureof the report2.Theoretical background·Descriptionand analysis of relevant theory and empirical findings by others·Often results in adetailed need for information3.Method·Howthe need for information will be/was covered·Researchdesign4.Results –possibly in several sections ·Description,validation and cleaning of the data from the study·Section(s) with results from theanalysis/analyses·Summingup of the results from the analysis sections 5.Discussion·Of method (How certain areour results? Where do we know of shortcomings?)Of the results (What have welearned? Are the results as expected? How do they differ? Do we haveexplanations for that?)6.Conclusion·Whatcan we, based on the results from the study and thediscussion conclude regardingthe research questions?·Whatis the answer to the problem statement?·Puttingthe results into perspective –possible generalizations? Possible implicationsfor business and for future research.·Didwe find new issues that we had not foreseen? List of referencesAppendices