“How Technology Is Hijacking Your Mind (Links to an external site.),”

Here is Tristan Harris’ article, “How Technology Is Hijacking Your Mind (Links to an external site.),”


I find his ideas about the “menu of choices” tech gives us pretty fascinating (and I love his design mock up for meaningful responses to email!). I also really want us to consider the concept of intermittent variable rewards and how those create the addictive properties of so much technology (and also explain the stereotype of falling for the person who doesn’t treat you well–if they treat you well SOME of the time, well, that’s addiction right there :().

Finally, note the solutions section at the very end of the article–your final paper for this class is going to be about solutions, so get started by thinking about Harris’s!

What aspects of Harris’s ideas do YOU find of interest? Remember that you’re writing a Notetaker on this reading by Sunday, so pay careful attention as you go (here’s the page on how to write a Notetaker again!).