How the Daughters of Genghis Khan”

Have to read pp. 130-237 (ch. 7- epilogue) of the book “The Secret History of the Mongol Queens : How theDaughters of Genghis Khan”. Will provide the link to read the book. Have to write a summary of the reading along with some other requirements that are show in the files below. This is a History class and not an English class, so don’t worry about analyzing what the author does; just simply summarize what happens in each chapter. Regarding what’s hapenning in the story of the book feel free to think of criticisms , implications, analogies, etc. Your voice should come out; so feel free to use words like “I”. The exact requirements will be shown in the files below as well. DON’T use any outside sources; again just simply summarize what happens in the book along with your own analysis of the story. Will tip more money the higher grade I get compared to the last papers.