How the programs view the social/emotional nurturing of infants/toddlers.

Infant/Toddler Research final paper and presentationSTEP 1: Engage in research on early childhood programs from around the wordSTEP 2: Compare the key components of three early childhood programsSTEP 3: Make connections between your understanding of social/ emotional support for infants/toddlers and the supports offered by the researched programs
Your Content:• Reading Materials: Self chosen research materials
Final ProjectActivity 1: Conduct an internet search on various Infant/Toddler programs using direct or remote methods such as video clips, direct observation, and /or written materials. Some programs for example: Waldorf schools, Reggio Emilia approach, Te Whariki (pronounced – Tee-FAR-aki -from New Zealand), Tools of the Mind, High Scope, Nature based Forest Schools, Infant British Schools, Montessori Schools, or a program you might discover (must be approved by instructor).
Activity 2: Choose THREE of these programs and compare them each to the other. Use the guide below as areas of comparison and for headings of your research paper.Compare:• The underlying philosophical approach to the education of infant/toddles• How the programs view the social/emotional nurturing of infants/toddlers.• The role of parents, family, and community culture in the infant/toddler program• The role of the teacher in relationship to the infant, family, and community• The materials offered to the children• The routines and schedules• Important tenets of the curriculumActivity 3. Summative thoughtsWhich of these program characteristics do you feel matches your philosophy of teaching and caring for infants/toddlers?