How the Rise of telemedicine has affect the medical industry in positive ways.

Whatever you choose to use, I have to be able to clearly see each paragraph and the points you are making in each.What is important to me is that I can see from your outline how you plan to develop your paper.I need to be able to envision:• how your argument unfolds• what kind of support you plan to bring in each body paragraph.• If you do this using a formal outline, fine.• If you simply decide to make a writing plan labeling each paragraph P1, P2, P3, and so on, I am also totally okay with that.For the introduction, you do not need anything other than a working thesis.• The working thesis at this point will be an answer to your research question.• That means the working thesis will be a statement, not a question.• It is understood that your thesis is a work in progress and that it might change.• Your thesis should function as a roadmap to your paper, so there should be a relationship between your thesis and the structure of your essay.• Because your paper might deal with a complex topic, your thesis might be a complex sentence that is long. As long as it is grammatically correct, that’s fine.Outline or plan the body paragraphs:• be as specific as you can be at this point.• Begin with a working topic sentence that includes the point you plan to make in that paragraph–again, if you need to tweak or change this later, you can.• Then include the evidence or support you plan to use.• You do NOT have to draft the entire paragraph, you just need to give me a really good idea of what you will accomplish in that paragraph.• You do not even need full sentences yet.In order to end up with a passing grade for the outline, you need to make sure your outline is workable–meaning that you can actually use it to write a paper. It also means that others can follow you.