How to fix homelessness

Group ProjectLocal/ Social ProblemSmall Group CommunicationAssignment: Your group task is to work collaboratively as a group on a local or social problem andpresent to the class the solution that your group has decided upon. Although some class time will beset aside for group meetings, your groups will probably need to meet outside of class to work on theproject. The breakdown of the assignment should look like this:a. The group will do a collaborative research project on a local or social problem. You willbe doing research in order to present what you’ve learned to a group of people (this class),a public avenue online) in order to raise consciousness and propose novel ways ofaddressing the problem. To avoid duplication please consult with the instructor about yourchoice before you get deep into it. Approval is required before you proceed with theproject.b. The goal of the project will be to report on the problem and implementing the hypotheticalsolutions that you’ve chosen. You as a group will report your findings in a pre-recordedpresentation.c. Decide on the best and most logical alternative to solve the issue/problem. You will need aconcerted effort for thorough research of the facts and figures surrounding the issue.Suggest ways to implement your solution. The implementation may be only hypothetical,of course. Justify every decision you make. Be sure to divide the responsibility so thatevery member of your group will be involved in both preparing and presenting the projectin your presentation.d. Turn in a 10-12-page paper. The paper should include the history of the problem, itsissues, and your suggestion on how to improve. A work cited (APA) is due as well.e. Present, with necessary details, of the “problem/ social issue”, the issue that need to beaddressed, solution, justifications, and implementation. Your time limit for presentations is15-20 minutes and this will be strictly observed. Everyone must speak equally (give ortake)! Please rehearse and time your presentation. Think of the best method to drive yourpoint home. Visual aids for your presentation are required. You can use zoom for thepre-recorded video, with visual aids included.f. Please submit a typed full sentence 1-2 page outline before the day in questions.g. The project will be graded on: Creativity Innovativeness Thoroughness Preparedness Logic Coherence Clarity Insight Degree of explanation Orderliness How serious your group took this project Presentation time (practice so that you are close to the time limit. There are strongpenalties for those who take very little time to present. This reflects little effort on theproject). Professionalism (hint: dress and act the part!)