Human geography

PAPER TOPICS AND PROCEDUREEach chapter of our textbook,Contemporary Human Geography
considers a topic thatdirectly or indirectly impacts you in our society. After reviewing these topics, select one thatinterests you personally and has had an impact on your life. Your paper must discuss how thetopic has been impacted you, and how you individually have been affected by thesedevelopments.As support for your discussion you must find and cite two scholarly sources for theidentified impact or impacts. For example, perhaps you choose the topic of Folk Culture. Youwould have to find two scholarly articles that examine the influence Folk Culture has had onyou. One article might discuss traditional celebrations of Christmas in your nationality orethnicity; another might explore the traditional foods consumed at celebrations around the world.A scholarly article is one that is written by an academic, professor, or member of a researchinstitute. The sources should be published by a university press, a government agency, or othersuch outlet. Avoid publications found on .com sites or in personal blogs! These two sources tendto express the opinion of the author. Your information sources must be identified in an annotatedbibliography that accompanies the completed. per. The annotations should clearly identify boththe actual content (briefly) of each source and its relationship to how it is used in the paper. Thebibliography must conform to APA style