Human Sexuality


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Term paper


The final project will consist of a 5 page, double spaced, formal written assignment, which should be formatted in APA 7th edition style as well as an 8 to 10 slide PowerPoint summarizing the content of the written assignment. The written assignment will be uploaded in Canvas as a WORD document, and the PPT will be posted as a discussion board as a PPT file or PDF for other learners to review. The final project is worth 200 points (150 written portion and 50 points for the PPT). Learners will be required to cite 5 scholarly sources in addition to their readings in the textbook in order to successfully complete the assignment. Learners can choose any topic about human sexuality discussed in the textbook, which is connected to health education and advocacy for sexual health and well being of a specific target population. Examples of a target population may be a group chosen by race, gender/gender identity, ethnicity, cultural group, minority status, socioeconomic status, age group, etc. Make sure that the information that you include in your paper relates to the course description below, and be thinking about how the issue you chose to address also relates to those broad themes, if applicable. Physical, emotional, social, and psychological dimensions of human sexuality; interpersonal relationships; contemporary attitudes, values, and behaviors; sexuality as a positive health entity. What to Specifically Include in the Written Portion of Your Final Project (Worth 150 Points) Make sure that you specifically include the following information in the written portion of your assignment: Select a topic related to human sexuality, which is covered in the textbook. Identify a leading source of reputable information on the topic (such as the CDC) Identify the target population to whom you would be delivering information Look for at least three peer reviewed journal articles that discuss health education about the issue and relate to your target population. Y You can ask the Library for help if you need it. You can also use the Health Studies subject guide available on the Library website. Discuss some of the broader topics that are interesting or you think need more clarification, etc. Make sure the themes you discuss relate to the course description (see instructions above or Syllabus) Discuss how the information you cover relates to health education, advocacy, and increasing the well-being of the population that you chose Your paper (in text and reference citations) should be written using APA 7th edition format, and you can use your textbook as one source, the website as another, and the three journal articles. Make sure that your provide “quotation marks” around direct quotes as well as citations for anything you paraphrase. Check to make sure that your in text and reference citations are correct per APA 7th edition format What to Specifically Include in Your PPT Summary (Worth 50 Points) Provide and 8 to 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation summarizing the written assignment; this PPT should be submitted to the Discussion Board Please include a and reference slide, which do not count toward the required 8 to 10 slides of content Include the main points listed above, and use the PPT as an outline that other learners could use to understand the main issues you included in your written assignment Make sure that your presentation is visually appealing If you use images from the internet, please provide an image credit Do not include too much text on each slide Make sure you have consistent fonts and headings Do not overuse italics or bold Do not use color schemes that are overly distracting or hard to see