Hydraulic Fracking Impacts on Indigenous Communities in Canada

Following on your proposal, the final essay will be organized around an argument and show original research and thinking with relation to the material, as well as citing at least 3 course articles with reflection. Length is 3500 words maximum plus bibliography
Please discuss theories such as (Resource Curse, Metabolic rift, and others listed in midterm)
Attached is the course syllabus where course articles can be found, most of them are free, please use theories found in the articles before outreaching to other sources. Other sources are definitely permitted. I also need these sources to be discussed critically, not just quotations. Please elaborate and apply these theories to hydraulic fracking within Canada, and discuss their impact on indigenous communites. Attached is an essay proposal that clearly highlights the direction that this essay should take. Please please please never hesitate to reach out to me. This essay is worth 25% of my mark, if i am satisfied with the work i will gladly provide a generous tip. Thank you in advance