I am doing a current controversial event or comment

Part 1: In 350 words or more, SUMMARIZE one SPECIFIC current CONTROVERSIAL event or published/broadcast comment that you have seen, heard, or read about on the TV, on the radio, in the newspaper, on the Internet, or during your everyday interactions with people since Sept. 1, 2022. If what you are thinking about posting is older than that, then choose something else that is newer. Your source cannot be dated earlier than September 1.
I am going towards womens rights for abortions I am pro-life and pro-choice even though it may not be my choice everyone women has a right to do whatever feels right for them. I have seen this around the internet and have also seen interactions with people bringing it up because of how shocked they were and protested in the streets for women to have the rights to do as they please.

BEGIN your post with the date and source for your becoming aware of the event/comment. [Example: On the Smithsonian Magazine’s website, I read a September 13, 2022, article written by Kate Keller entitled, “First Yellowstone Grizzly Hunt in 40 Years Will Take Place This Fall.” In the article, Keller describes the possible negative effects that trophy hunting this species could create.] This part is only the beginning. Follow it with your summary of the specific event or the comment– with context– and then your opinion.

Note: A summary means that you must use YOUR OWN WORDS to relay the gist (main idea) of the information. DO NOT copy and paste the article or sections of it to create the summary. You will get a zero for the assignment if you do copy and paste. Read the article/information twice, and then put the pertinent details into your own words. If you must quote something, do so sparingly and use quotation marks.

CONCLUDE your summary post with a separate paragraph that includes your PERSONAL opinion about the event/comment and a thorough explanation for why you feel as you do about it. Please begin the paragraph with “My personal opinion about this ____(fill in the blank) is….”

Note: In choosing your controversial comment, avoid the ones that appear at the end of articles or websites where other readers post their comments. Instead, look for controversial comments that are included as quotations or featured parts of published articles or segments from reputable broadcasts (radio, t.v., or podcasts).