Identify a contemporary issue in the field of Law and form a research question based on that issue.

Identify a contemporary issue in the field of Law and form a research question based on that issue.In order to explore your research question, you will engage in a variety of research methods. Research is finding information—and there are many ways to go about finding information. You will discover, however, that some research methods are favored within your academic discourse community. For instance, while the humanities tend to prefer secondary research (consulting scholarly, popular, and professional publications), the sciences tend to prefer primary research (collecting data through interviews, surveys, first-hand observations, and experiments). To that end, it is up to you to identify what research methods are most appropriate for your project.Some options to consider include:Primary ResearchObservationsInterviewsSurveysData/Text analysisSecondary ResearchScholarlyPeer-Reviewed ArticlesBooks (Published by an Academic or Scholarly Press)Academic Lectures/PresentationsPopularWebsitesBlog PostsMagazine ArticlesNewspaper ArticlesDocumentariesFor this assignment, you will summarize and analyze your data by annotating a minimum of six (6) potential sources. Of these…Three (3) of those sources must be scholarly and peer-reviewed (that is, vetted by authorities in the field).The other three (3) are your choice of primary, popular, or additional scholarly sources.You should properly cite each of the six sources in accordance with the documentation style for your field (refer to the Purdue OWL site (Links to an external site.), or BBG pp.394-432, or tabs 6-8 in AWR for information on the various documentation styles).For the annotation for each source, you should…Start with the citation (always double check that you’re accurate and format it with a hanging indentation)Write at least 150 words (per source) (remember: the word count for this Annotated Bibliography in total is 1000 words). In the 150 words, you should…summarize the source and its main ideas in a way that makes clear its relevance to your topic and project (this should be the bulk of your annotation; at minimum, 50% of the 150 words should be comprised of summary);offer an evaluation of the source’s credibility (a sentence or so);explain how you would use the source in your essay (a sentence or so);describe how the source relates/does not relate to the other sources (a sentence or so).If you find a source that appears to be relevant (as you explain in your annotation for it) but upon drafting your essay consider that it is not as pertinent as others, it’s fine that it’s included in your annotated bibliography. However, you’ll need to replace the source with another that is more appropriate for the final essay.Documentation Style: Use the documentation style of your field (for in-text citations and the page listing your sources).Regarding formatting for the Annotated Bibliography, please include…A header with your name, date, and the class nameA title containing your research questionPage numbers on each page with your last name in front of themFormatting of 12 pt font, Times New Roman, double spacingHanging indentations for your citations (google if you aren’t sure what this is)