identify a social problem and write a case study on it.

According to Tapperman et al” A social problem is any circumstance that many people experiance and that has both social causes and social consequences”. In its most general term , a social problem i a social condition or behaviour that is thought to warrant public concern and collect action.I dentify a toipc in the text that inerest you and use it to provide background infomation explaining a recent case from local or global media sources that u believe i a social problem warranting collective actions.Remember to sketch ur case in a 3 page outline.Be sure to include the sociological perpective u may think helps explian the case best and review one additional academic reference to see what research has been done in ur case topic area. Note pride ssytematic analysis. My case topic is : the covid pandermic and its affect on students entirely and a city.Winnipeg because that is where am about the pros and co.(problems eg depresion.isolation can add can add more)solutions using sociologiacl theories.the book is Tepperman et al..