Identify and describe each developmental concept and explain how what happens in the film is a clear example of the developmental concepts.

Developmental Research Paper – Using fictional character from movie!Developmental Research Paper – Using a character from Movie!The movie you choose should be something that is mainstream enough that it can easily be found. If you are in doubt, ask me. If you would prefer to choose a book, let me know which one.Identify and describe, 2 or more developmental concepts from at least two theoretical perspectives, depicted in a mainstream film of your choice.Identify and describe each developmental concept and explain how what happens in the film is a clear example of the developmental concepts.Make links between what is demonstrated in the film and your textbook and/or other readings and explain them clearly and in-depth.Developmental conceptsThe developmental concepts can be anything you have learned from the textbook and other reading. For example, this includes but is not limited to:Developmental milestones/phenomena; cognitive development and intelligence; theories of development in action, such as social learning theory or sociocultural theory; development in a specific domain, such as gender development; family structures, such as divorce; parenting and parenthood; the co-parenting relationship; parent-child relationships; grandparent-child relationships; intergenerational cycles; pregnancy; teen pregnancy; teaching, learning, and schooling; developmental disorders, such autism; adolescent romantic relationships; adolescent delinquent behavior; identity development/identity crisis in adolescence and emerging adulthood; aging; grandparenthood; caregiving for family members; death and dying…..this list really could go on and on.Assignment guidelines:Papers should be at 3 – 5 pages of text, about (750 – 1250 words) not including cover page and references. DO NOT include an abstract.The paper format must conform to APA Format.For this assignment you only need to cite the film once—as long as you do not discuss any other films, it is okay to just cite when it is introduced.You may use the textbook as a resource but use formal citations. Internal citations from the textbook should indicate the specific page number from your textbook as if it were a quote – this is not APA style, but I want you to be specific as to where you are getting your information.Students will be required to also include the use of at least 2 peer-reviewed research articles from professional journals using Collin College Library databases. Papers that only cite the textbook will earn less credit. The textbook may be your primary source, but you will still need to cite additional peer-reviewed scholarly resources as well. Websites are not acceptable.To access articles, go to (Links to an external site.)If the link above doesn’t work for you, click on the Collin College Library Tab on your Cougar Webpage. In the center, click on Find Articles In Databases, then Psychology and Sociology Databases. You may use any of the links to search for scholarly peer-reviewed articles. Academic Search Complete and JSTOR are both very user-friendly and on the top or side of the articles, there will be a citation link, click on it and then on APA for a formated citation you can copy and paste. (Please note: Popular magazines and websites other than .gov are not acceptable sources for this assignment.)Cite all sources, including the textbook, within the paper, and on a separate Reference page at the end, using APA format.