Identify and discuss the predictors that are used by your models.

Please see below for instructions. The code has already been mostly written in R studio. The dataset is also attached. Along with the first part of the assignment that has already been completed.
You will recall from assessment task 2 that the pharmaceutical company GlobexPharma has contracted your consulting company to investigate their firm’sworkforce. Recently there has been some staff turnover at Globex, and the leadershipteam is aware of rumours that dissatisfied employees are seeking jobopportunities elsewhere.
Since the submission of your last report, Globex has provided your consultingcompany with some additional data. They have given you an updated data set – itis the same as the original data set except for having an extra column called“Attrition” which shows, for each employee, whether or not thatemployee left the company during the last year (“Yes” or“No”). Here is the updated data set, and the original datadictionary:
Globex Pharma wants your consulting company to build a model for predictingwhether or not an employee will leave the company, and to glean insights fromwhich predictors are used in the model about what they might do to reduce attrition.They would like you to submit your findings in a report for senior management.
You should do the following:
Explore various predictive models.
Select your three most accurate ones.
By looking at the predictors used by your three models, identify what seem tobe the driving factors of staff attrition.
Come up with some suggestions for how Globex might reduce staff attrition.
In your report you should:
Identify your three preferred predictive models and explain how you selectedthem.
Critically discuss the performance of the models.
Identify and discuss the predictors that are used by your models.
On the basis of these predictors, suggest some strategies that Globex might useto reduce staff attrition.
Include an appendix, in which you explain how you conducted your analysis sothat it can be replicated. If you have made any assumptions in your analysis,state all of those assumptions in an appendix to your report.


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