Identify and explain three actions steps to implement your recommendation.

YAHOO! CASE STUDYPurposeTo explore the strategic leadership decisions made by Marissa Mayer and the external environment facing Yahoo! under her leadership. The case is on p. 453.Review the Yahoo! case and develop a comprehensive analysis of the company, the issues presented in the case, and possible strategies for the company to address the presented issues. Focus on the period during Mayer’s tenure as CEO.Process (see pp. 528-533 in the text):Read the case study.Identify the key players and critical facts.Identify the key problems. Do not get sidetracked by symptoms that are part of the problem but not the problem itself.Identify the goals of the parties in the case study.Conduct a situational analysis.Research the company beyond what is presented in the case study during Mayer’s tenure (i.e. don’t worry about the failed deals before she came on board or the eventual Verizon acquisition).Review Ch. 1, 2, and 3 in the textbook. Focus on the state of Yahoo! when Mayer took over. Then focus on her leadership and the decisions she made. What decisions should she have made differently that would have changed the strategic direction of the company, especially considering the rapid technological innovation occurring out of Silicon Valley.Make the diagnosisWhat strategic concepts and tools would be helpful to resolve the issue?What are the predicaments and problems for the company? Prioritize them. What do they need to deal with first?SolutionsIdentify three possible solutions for the company. Be bold and creative (but realistic). Make sure you are addressing the problems and not just the symptoms. Don’t go for the easy answers.What are the pros and cons of each solution?Decide on one of the proposed solutions and explain your recommendation.Identify and explain three actions steps to implement your recommendation.DeliverablesReport: Prepare a report that details your analysis.StructureI. IntroductionII. Identify key players and critical facts.III. Identify key problems and goals.IV. Conduct a situational analysis.V. Summary of key concepts from the textbook. Cite references (when using the textbook in the report, use the following format after using the source (Rothaermel, Chapter #, Short Chapter Title, section heading, p. #). An example is (Rothaermel, Ch. 8, Corporate Strategy, Types of Corporate Diversification, p. 287).VI. DiagnosisIdentify and explain the strategic concepts applicable to the case.Utilize any relevant tools.What are the problems? Prioritize them.VII. SolutionIdentify three possible solutions with the pros and cons of each.Decide on one of the proposed solutions.Identify three actions steps to implement a solution.VIII. Conclusion. What are you taking away from the exercise?IX. References. What sources did you use (especially from the text but no need to cite the case itself)? Use APA formatting (see Resources on Module Page).GradingCase Summary (15%)Research Quality (10%)Research Analysis (15%)Diagnosis (30%)Solutions/Recommendation/Action Steps (30%)