Identify the 3 main environmental and 3 main social (negative) externalities of this hotel.

Choice of hotel to support the individual essay Choose one of the following hotels :– Hotel used for the Group project and pertaining financial data, or– A hotel used as a case study in another of your courses, for which you are able to compute realistic (though estimated) financial figures, or– A hotel where you have a professional experience and are able to compute realistic (though estimated) financial figures1) Task 1: Describe this hotel (scale, room number, location, services…) to provide the right context of your chosen case study2) Task 2: Identify the 3 main environmental and 3 main social (negative) externalities of this hotel.Justify each of your answers with the specific context of that hotel.3) Task 3: Choose one of these externalities and, among the available set of solutions to minimize it, develop a comparative analysis of at least 2 of them including :– the operational changes induced (and their related costs and savings)– the opportunities and challenges they represent (and their related costs and savings)– the translation in monetary terms of their environmental or social benefits and/or externalitiesStructure :– Title section with first and last name, date, hotel name– Table of content with list of figures and tables (if any)– Part 1 : Hotel description (appr. 200 words)– Part 2 : Environmental and social externalities analysis (appr. 800 words)– Part 3 : Comparative study of solutions (appr. 600 words + relevant tables and figures)– Conclusion on the feasibility and choice of solution(s) (appr 300 words)– Appendix (optional)– References



.Explain how many people are diagnosed with the type of cancer each year in the US.

Explain whether the role of manager, along with the necessary traits and skills a manager must possess, is more important than the role of a leader, and those traits and skills.

Write a personal response essay on the poem (The Icing Hand) and it has to connect or sound sound personal.

What leadership style(s) did they use and how effective was that?

Discuss about the economic Policy, user fees, mortgage rates, minimum wage, or anything tied to US economic interest.

Write an essay for graduate program in education focus- commentary on Thomas Aquinas educational quotes and reflection.

Explain how ethical considerations may impact your treatment plan and
communication with patients.

diagnostic tests would be appropriate for this case, and how would the
results be used to make a diagnosis?

Discuss and develop a microeconomic research question and analyze it about Mcdonald’s Egypt.