Identify the type of crime being investigated along with the elements of each crime.

Criminal Investigation Crime Scene DocumentationInstructions:1) During the semester we have discussed how to conduct a proper criminal investigation. Crimes and scenarios vary in the investigation field. In order to complete the crime scene documentation course requirement, each student shall choose three of the four scenarios and write at least two full typewritten pages for each scenario. The answers shall be based upon information in the scenario, class lectures and the textbook. Each student shall write about the types of crime being investigated, how to investigate the crime, documenting evidence, gathering evidence, preserving evidence and the investigative steps discussed during the semester. Each answer shall specific to each crime/scenario. In each scenario identify the type of crime being investigated along with the elements of each crime. Also, identify the important issues and the crime that applies to each crime/scenario.


Explain the relevance of the findings from chosen sources of evidence to making decision related to a PICO(T) question.

Write a research paper, using your first two papers as a foundation for an argument you wish to make.

Using terms and concepts from the course, combined with examples from your own life, write an essay in which you reflect on the arguments made by Adorno and Horkheimer (and Critical Theorists generally) about the influence of the Culture Industry as it relates to your own consciousness and way of life.

Explain the global factors and implications regarding these cyber risks. In addition to reading your assigned resources for week 6, research online definitions for cyber and cyber vulnerabilities.

Describe your professional paradigm (i.e. medical, charity, vocational rehabilitation, social construction)?

Write a paper about Gun violence and its effect on youth in our schools

What Terry Eagleton sees as the positive aspects of structuralism (pp. 92-94). Be careful and attentive to the ‘constructedness’ spoken of here, and to the dismantling of ‘common sense.’

Write a paper on tax return problem

Write an opinion paper about the study of emotion around the world

Analyze the potential rights, claims, defenses, obligations, and remediesavailable to both landlord Lou and Sunshine Yoga in this scenario.