Identify the use of the sociological imagination when discussing & analyzing social problems.

GoalIdentify the use of the sociological imagination when discussing & analyzing social problems.Please follow these steps to complete the assignment:Go to the website at the bottom of these instructions to read an excerpt from C. Wright Mills’ book, The Sociological Imagination. Keep in mind that the book was written in 1959, so some of the language may seem outdated.HINT: I encourage you to read the module lecture notes and other assigned readings before each week’s assignment to give you brief overviews of the sociological approach to each topic we cover. If you haven’t yet, read preface/intro to the Stombler and Jungels text as well as the Week 1 module lecture notes to find information about the Sociological Imagination that will help you understand this key sociological way of thinking. It takes practice to learn to use our sociological imaginations, so this first attempt to write about it may not come easy for those of you new to sociology. Don’t worry – as anything that requires practice – by the end of the semester, you’ll have practiced enough to be using your sociological imagination in full force!After reading the excerpt from the website posted below, answer one of the following question sets:Using either today’s newspaper or some other source of news, identify one example of what C. Wright Mills would call a public issue. How is this issue reflected in the personal troubles of people it affects? Why would Mills call it a public issue?ORWhat are the major historical events that have influenced the biographies of people in your generation? In your parents’ generation? What does this tell you about the influence of society and history on biography?Your answers should be at least 500 words. Include information from the course to guide and support your answers, and make sure to CITE!Excerpt from The Sociological Imagination