Identify two ways in which patients can gain more control over their care.

Write a one-page reflection paper on each video:Silent Killer -Link- VidGrid – Remaking American Medicine Silent KillerFirst Do No Harm -Link- VidGrid – Remaking American Medicine Do No HarmTwo pages total- one for Silent Killer and one for First Do No Harm.The goal of the paper is:Identify two ways in which patients can gain more control over their care2. Think of an experience you, a family member, or a friend has had with healthcare. Gauge this against the IOM’s six aims, and identify any opportunities for improvement.
Ps: I want original work without plagiarism and proper in-text citation of outside sources used.


What role does debt and social location play in the novel?

Write an analysis of a short story (from the story we read in this class), focusing on a single element, such as point-of-view, theme, symbolism, character, or the author’s voice (tone, style, irony).

What legal recourse does your co-worker have if he loses his job because of his medical condition?

Describe transformational leadership, organizational citizenship behavior, and employees in health care organizations.

Explain how a Piagetian /Neo-Piagetian might explain what productive struggle is and why it benefits learners.

Identify the underlined word groups in following sentences as an independent clause (IC), a dependent clause (DC), or a phrase (P).

Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of telemedicine.

Write a summary and reaction style paper for the attached document.

Is the audience and purpose the same for the entire report or are there multiple audiences?

Explain how Covid 19 has impacted employee performance and/or communication in the work place.