Identity vs. Personality – Hire Quality Writer

When dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds, you might find yourself confronting very different
expectations relating to your own identity. It can be useful to understand your own taken-for-granted
expectations about your identities so that you can recognize when your expectations contrast with those of
people around you.

Answer each question with one paragraph each

Specify some of your own cultural expectations that go along with two of the universal identity
categories discussed in this module that you inhabit (e.g., your gender and age).
2. Explain an instance in your life in which your behavior or someone else’s did not conform to social
expectations regarding one of the identity categories you selected above. How did others respond to
this “abnormal” behavior?
3. Discuss a situation from your own life involving role conflict related to one or more of the significant
identity categories introduced in this module.
 Which identity category seemed more important to you in resolving the role conflict?
 Did this have something to do with the other people involved in the situation, or was it driven more
by your own interpretation of what was most important at that time?
 Did the resolution seem wholly satisfactory to you