IFSM 201 Concepts and Applications of Information Technology

Week 1 Discussion Sampling, Surveys, and Polls Sampling, surveys, and polls are three of the ways in which data is gathered. The results are then presented as information. Some argue that surveys increase peoples awareness of a companys products and thereby encourage future purchases. More subtle is the idea that the very process of asking people their opinions can induce them to form judgments that otherwise wouldnt occur to themthat they really do like a companys estate-planning services, for example. These so-called measurement-induced judgments, the theory holds, can influence later behavior. Remember, as a very granular level, a poll consists of a single question, while a survey can use multiple questions and allow for more than a single type of response. Reflect on these questions:1. Why/How can the data collected in polls and surveys lead us to incorrect conclusions? 2. What impacts do you think polls and surveys have or have had on you? In other words, do you pay attention to either polls or surveys? 3. Do you think national polls impact peoples views on a topic? REMEMBER- every post (New Thread or Reply) must be supported by relevant information. Prove the point you are making by a) citing external research, b) citing readings from the class content, or c) providing examples or personal experiences that are relevant and support your position on the topic. It is always better to begin your reflection on the topic by doing some research/reading, either a) or b) or both, before considering personal experience. This research, reflection and subsequent writing is an essential part of the learning process, framing your personal experience against and alongside more general theories, concepts and writing on the topic.

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