Imagery & Figures of Speech

Preparing for the DiscussionRead and annotate the Imagery & Figures of Speech poems and watch the Imagery & Figures of Speech PowerPoints before beginning this discussion.Then, choose your favorite of the poems we read this week and/or the one which gave you the most to think/write about. I recommend reviewing your poem annotations and your Imagery & Figures of Speech Journal before beginning the discussion.Review all of the sources on the Imagery & Figures of Speech Discussion Resources page.Creating the Initial Discussion ResponseConsider the most powerful images and/or phrases in the poem. Which ones do you think most closely connect to the meaning of the poem?Then, choose 1 of the following:Create a drawing or painting inspired by the poem. Take a photo of your art piece and embed it in the post using the button at the top of the message. ORUse Canva (Links to an external site.) to make at least a 4-picture collage inspired by the imagery present in the poem. The Canva templates for collages (Links to an external site.) and mood boards (Links to an external site.) are linked here. Screencap your collage or download a jpeg file and embed it in the post using the button at the top of the message. ORUsing Canva, make at least a 30-second video or a 4-slide presentation with words and images inspired by the poem. For an example, look at the one I created for Margaret Atwood’s “You Fit Into Me Download the one I created for Margaret Atwood’s “You Fit Into Me.” Note that you don’t have to include every word of your chosen poem: I did because Atwood’s poem is only 16 words. Choose the words/phrases that you think are most important and best fit your visuals. Canva has presentation templates (Links to an external site.) and video templates. (Links to an external site.) If you prefer to use other presentation software (like PowerPoint) or video software (like Adobe Premiere), that’s fine. Post a link to the video or attach the PDF of the presentation here.Write at least 1 developed paragraph (5-7 sentences) explaining how your drawing, painting, collage, video, or presentation connects to the words and images in the poem. Put the paragraph underneath your creative work.Writing the Reply PostsOnce you have submitted your response, choose 2 of your classmates’ responses.Choose responses that don’t have any replies. If all responses have replies, you may choose any responses you wish.Read each response and compose a 1 paragraph (5-7 sentence) reply to it. Answer the following:did the student’s creative work accurately reflect the poem? If yes, explain how. If no, explain what you would change about the work to make it more accurate. What part of their creative work was most effective?Edit your explanatory paragraph for grammar and mechanical errors before submitting. Consult the Grammar Resources page for help.