IMPORTANT: Make sure that the primary focus of the paper is on a CURRENT or RECENT immunology topic. This means that you should primarily use references that are recent (i.e. within the past 5-10 years). The information in the paper can build on topics that we cover in class, but you need to provide additional information, beyond what we have already covered in class.The written assignment in this course will be a 1-2 page paper (single line spacing, no larger than 12pt font, margins no larger than 1”, no line spaces between paragraphs) on an immunology topic that interests you. Note that the MINIMUM length of the paper is 1 FULL page of text, not including figures or any other additions. At least 3 primary references are required, in a manner appropriate for scientific literature. Please see the next page for an example of how references should be cited within the text and in the bibliography. References should be from peer-reviewed journals, but one of the references can be from a government publication or website (e.g. CDC, WHO, NIH). Note that the 1-2 page requirement is for the body of the paper only- the title page and bibliography are in addition to this. As is typical for a scientific article, the entire paper should be written in the 3rd person point-of-view.______Approved Research Topic [1 point]______Title Page [1 point]: (THIS SHOULD BE A SEPARATE PAGE- title of paper, your name, course name, neatly arranged)______Body [10 points]:o Explain and discuss the topic in detail, focusing particularly how and why it is important to the field of Immunology. This should be the main focus of this section.o Discuss the importance of the topic in the context of its broader significance to the field(s) of human, animal and/or environmental health.o Discuss any current issues, controversies or news pertaining to the topico If it relates to a disease or condition, be sure to discuss the prevalence and distribution of the disease, how it is spread (if applicable), what the cause is (infectious? genetic? pathogen?)o Whenever possible, provide results of current or recent research on the subjectContinues Next page…______Style [2 points]: Only very well-written papers (grammar, spelling, etc) will receive full style points. The paper should be written entirely in 3rd person.______References [2 points]: See above (and below) and be sure to cite your references within the text of the paper and write out the full references in the bibliography at the end.Regarding Paper References/Citations…When writing your paper, you should cite your references within the text, in parentheses at the end of the sentence. Use the last name of the author and the year of the publication, or if it is more than one author use et al. like this (Taylor et al. 2015). Then at the end of your paper, be sure to fully list your references in a bibliography like the example shown below.BibliographyTaylor SM, Alvarez-Delfin K, Saade C, Thomas JL, Thummel R, Fadool JM, Hitchcock PF (2015). The bHLH transcription factor NeuroD governs photoreceptor genesis and regeneration through Delta-Notch signaling. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 56(12):7496-7515. DOI: 10.1167/iovs.15-17616.Make sure that you have all of the critical information in each citation in your bibliography. This information includes the author(s), year of publication, article title, journal name, volume/issue number, page numbers and DOI. See the above example.Immunology Term Paper: Reminders to avoid common mistakes1) READ THE RUBRIC POSTED ON CANVAS and make sure that you follow the instructions.2) MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE A SEPARATE TITLE PAGE.3) MAKE SURE THAT THE BODY OF YOUR PAPER IS AT LEAST 1 FULL PAGE. If it is even a little bit less than 1 page you will lose points. Also note the font size and margins explained in the rubric. Also, do not have extra spaces between paragraphs.4) BE SURE TO CITE REFERENCES WITHIN THE TEXT, i.e. (Taylor et al. 2015).5) BE SURE TO WRITE OUT REFERENCES PROPERLY IN THE BIBLIOGRAPHY- an example is given on the rubric. There is not a specific format, but all of the important information (explained on rubric) must be there.6) MAKE SURE THAT THE REFERENCES ARE APPROPRIATE. This is directly from the rubric: “References should be from peer-reviewed journals, but one of the references can be from a government publication or website (e.g. CDC, WHO, NIH).”7) LIMIT THE QUOTATIONS. Do not use multiple or long quotations from other sources. As a general rule, do not use more than 3 direct quotations in your paper, and do not use ANY quotations that are longer than 2 lines of text. If you do this you will lose style points- you should paraphrase as much as possible. Using excessive quotes makes reading difficult because it is not your own writing and the writing style in the quotes will not blend with your own.