In what ways does the sociological imagination apply to you and your own experiences?

1) Define the Sociological Imagination in your ownwords2) In what ways does the sociological imaginationapply to you and your own experiences?3) Why is this concept important in the field ofsociology?4) How would you explain the relationship between“troubles” and “issues”?Make sure you review the Sociological Imaginationand carefully re-read over chapter 1.Be creative and original in your thoughts andexamples. Make sure you have made detailed notesfrom your paper and use your notes during yourinterview.Your paper should be organized and include in-textcitations. Your paper should address the questions upat the top, however, in the paper you must cite thedefinition from the textbook as well as discuss theimportance of the sociological imagination,differences between troubles and issues, again pullingfrom the textbook and other sources.your paper must be submitted along with your is the link for the book. Your paper should also include an APA