Informative speech: 7 powerpoint slides

In preparation for your Informative Speech Presentation in Unit 7, you will develop adetailed outline to be used as a guideline for your presentation. You may use thetemplate in these instructions in a Word document, or you may use the PowerPointtemplate.Instructions: Your outline must include research to support your three main points. Research can come from a variety of sources, including books, academic journalarticles, magazine and newspaper articles, and other credible internet sourceslike websites.o You should not include any Wikipedia or wikihow links as credibleresources. You are required to incorporate three sources to support your main points.Requirements: While there is no required page length, the outline should encompass the logicalorder of your topics and what points you will be addressing and how you will beaddressing them. Must use APA references and citations.Outline prompt/sample format:General Information1. Title/Topic2. Purpose: The purpose of my speech will be to inform the audience on _______.3. Thesis Statement: The thesis statement is a one sentence summary of thecentral idea of your speech that narrows your topic.COM107: Introduction to CommunicationUnit 5 Assignment: Informative Speech Outline4. Introduction of Topic: Introduce your topic with an attention getting fact, story orquestion; the relevance on why you chose this topic; and why the audienceshould care about this topic.