Innovation Project Video Proposal

T‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‌‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‌‌his assignment is submitted in the form of a video proposal and must be a minimum of 10 minutes in length. The assignment will be submitted by posting a link to a web site hosting your video. Links to how-to tutorials on digital storytelling and posting videos are provided on Blackboard. Innovation projects for this course must focus on leveraging emerging mobile informatio‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‌‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‌‌n technologies to enhance evidence based practice. The video proposal must answer the following five questions: 1. What problem will the innovation project solve 2. What is known about this problem? 3. With whom did you collaborate when working on your proposal? 4. What “mobile app” did you propose to use to solve the problem? 5. Why is your proposed solution innova‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‌‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‌‌tive?