Instruments/Tools for diagnosis of (one instrument/tool for each diagnosis): Autism Specific Learning Disabilities

Instrument/Tool Criteria:

For each assessment tool you select, you will identify an instrument and do the following:

Identify a scholarly, peer-reviewed article that addresses the use of the instrument.
Discuss if the instrument is appropriate for diagnosing the condition it is designed to assess or if the developers of the instrument reported that the instrument is only part of a comprehensive assessment for the disorder.
Describe whether the instrument can be used to measure patient response to therapy/treatment.

1. Discuss the psychometrics/scoring of the instrument, including reliability and validity. 2. Discuss any limitations associated with the use of the instrument.

Instruments/Tools for diagnosis of (one instrument/tool for each diagnosis):
*Specific Learning Disabilities

Use the Journal Template Assessment Tool to complete the journal assignment.

Your information can be in bulleted format or just a couple sentences for each criterion listed. However, you must use APA citations and references at the end. You are NOT required to write this in a paper format. Turn in one document for each of this week’s topics.

**The journal template provided in uploaded documents. Please note you will need to submit 2 of them to complete this assignment one for each diagnosis above.

All references must include doi numbers
Proper English grammar and spelling is required.