Intro case study

Audrey is an 19 year old woman who has just completed her IEP goals to graduate form high school with her special education diploma. She has come to you for counseling regarding some issues she has in her life. Her parents do no know she is seeing you and she does not want them to at this time. She outlines these concerns:Audrey wants to take some college courses but her parents have told her no. They do not want her to be overwhelmed or hurt in any way.She has a boyfriend from school who she fears she won’t be able to see anymore after she graduates because she is sure her parents won’t approve (she is African American and he is white. She also doesn’t think they want her to have a boyfriend at all)Purpose: To identify resources and social work roles that might be available to help AudreyTask: Read the above Case Study. Refer back to your textbook and course content to outline theA) Specific Services that might be available to help AudreyB) Social work interventions and roles that you might use to help Audrey to reach her goals.Criteria: The successful submission will include at least 3 resources that Audrey might be linked to; social work interventions that are thoughtful and appropriate. All submissions must contain “people first language”, proper grammar and correct spelling.