Introduction to Gerontology

Gerontology Semester Project GuidelinesDescriiptionYou will present your semester project to the class in some format. Please feel encouraged to run your ideas past me and ask for help before you post. You will give a thoughtful peer review the following week. You will then have the opportunity to revise and resubmit your project the week after that. Your final version is the one that will be graded.
ObjectiveThe objective of this project is to demonstrate achievement of one of our course learning objectives. Use these to guide your ideas about your project. The course learning objectives are:
Students will be able to:
Demonstrate knowledge of the aging process in the national and international older population.
Recognize, identify, and effectively analyze multiple factors that influence the aging experience.
Demonstrate awareness about the needs and challenges facing the current generation of older adults, as well as the emerging generation of older Americans
Correctly identify, define, and describe social theories of aging.
Demonstrate a critical appreciation and foster critical reflection of the existing research in the field of aging and continue to sharpen skills required for successful writing.
Effectively analyze the ways aging affects areas such as physical health, mental health, family relations, caregiving, and economic well-being.
Explain existing and potential careers in the field of aging.
Your project will be an in-depth look at a smaller aspect of something related to our course learning objectives. Individual sections of the chapters we have read and research results might spark ideas. You may want to profile an activist, author or organization, or go in-depth on a past or present news event. You might want to explain a theory in depth and give an application of that theory. You may want to do a social media analysis. You may want to interview a panel of friends (or classmates). You can get ideas from our readings and discussions.
Semester Project Grading Rubric Criteria:
Project directly addresses a Course Learning Objective
Makes concrete, meaningful references and links to course materials
Project is well researched (demonstrated through the extent and quality of sources you use)
Project is well designed
Presentation is well executed
Extra resources are provided (links to related websites, articles, videos, etc.)
Complete citations (any format as long as they are complete and I can find your source) are included. You cite a variety of sources.
Quality of peer review suggestions