Introduction to Social Problems

–7– 8 pages (+ title page & reference page), APA format–5+sources are required for this paper (newspaper/media-coverage source, academicjournals, sociology reference books, course textbook).
–Papershould include the following sections:
oIntroduction:Remember that the introduction for your paper is the ‘map’ for the reader. Besure to explain the focus of the paper, including a clear identification of thesocial issue/trend/event & the sociological theory you have used for thispaper.oSocial Trend/Issue/Event: (provide a detailedoverview of the social trend/issue/event including its scope, development &current state)oTheory: (explain the major points of the theory),oApplication of theory: (this application can demonstratethat the theory is still relevant for this social trend/issue OR that it doesnot align with this social trend/issue, OR it can be a combination of both),oConclusion.