Is a child’s development helped or harmed by digitized technologies?

– Have you used in-text citations where you’ve included (any) information that came from somewhere else?– Do all of your references match the citations listed in your paper?– Have you verified that your use of APA is aligned with the style of this course? Title page, page numbers and references list too?– Have you verified that your Abstract meets formatting standards?– Is your thesis statement one to two sentences and a direct response to the question/statement posed in your topic?– Is your writing clear and concise using proper: spelling, grammar and formatting?– Have you had someone edit your draft for clarity? Have you edited your draft for clarity?– Have you reviewed the rubric to make sure all of the graded areas are fulfilled in your submission?
Activity/Competencies Demonstrated% of Final GradeContent (60%)The thesis has been thoroughly explored/20Substantiation valid and robust/20Insightful (analytical, not reportage)/20Communication (25%)You use language clearly and effectively./10Information organized intelligently and in a manner that relates holistically to the thesis/10Proper abstract, introduction and conclusion to paper/5Attention to Detail (15%)APA Formatting and text formatting/5Spelling and grammar/10Total/100Export calendarManage subscriptions