Is the style and imagery used by the artist similar or distinct from other Northern Renaissance art you studied?

For this Unit Two Discussion Board Research Topic you will be exploring the incorporation and meaning generated by iconography in Northern Renaissance art. As discussed in this unit, symbolism and meaning were often “embedded” into Northern Renaissance paintings and works of art in a way that offered vital information pertaining to the artwork’s subject, and would have been readily understood by contemporaries, but may seem odd or mysterious to us today. You will be discussing and researching the work of unknown Northern Renaissance art embedded here to examine and present the iconographic meaning of it.To complete this research topic, do the following:Choose ONE (and only one) of the paintings below to investigate.Examine the painting in consideration with what you learned this unit:Is the style and imagery used by the artist similar or distinct from other Northern Renaissance art you studied?Is the subject or narrative presented and the imagery included similar to any works you studied? If so, which ones? Compare and contrast them.Make a close examination of the painting: who is shown? Where is it set? What specific details seem to be included (and therefore are perhaps meaningful?).Begin researching specific objects and images shown in the painting for their possible symbolic (iconographic) meaning.Remember: iconographic meaning is not based on what we think the symbolism refers to today, but what it meant at the time the work of art was made!The goal here is to to try and determine what some of the symbols in this painting mean, and how they might refer to a larger narrative or set of ideas. Moreover, it is not essential that you identify this work of art or artist; the point here is to take an unknown image and analyze the iconography contained within.With your research completed, write a 3-4 page paper directly in your blog post in which you present and discuss this work of art based on the iconography you researched, and considering the following questions:What specific images are shown in this image?Do all of them have specific symbolic (iconographic) meaning? If so, what are they?Do these meanings relate to the overall subject matter of the painting?What sources and documentation do scholars (and therefore, you all) use to determine the symbolic meaning of these images?FINAL NOTE: You are not being graded on the entirety of your iconographic analysis (in other words, finding every single symbol here); rather I am looking at how thorough your analysis is for each iconographic example, and how you determine and support the symbolic meanings. Choosing a few with detailed analyses is better than many examples without support.This Blog Research Topic is worth up to 100 points and will be graded based on the following criteria:following all the instructions carefully and completing the assignment correctlythe depth of your analysis and research in regards to the iconography shown in the work of arthow critically and correctly you apply concepts, information, and terminology learned in this unitthe clarity of thought in your writing and organization of your submissionusing proper spelling and grammar.