Is there a connection to legal philosophy?

OVERVIEWFor the summative, you will be exploring a current issue in Canadian law. More specifically, you will explore the history of this issue, present multiple perspectives on it, and conclude with your own opinion. This project needs to be well researched with a suitable variety of reliable and properly documented sources. I’m giving you three options for how you can present your project. Whichever you choose, you will need to format as follows:
Introduction and statement of the Basic Issue: Define your topic and any key terms. The purpose of the project should be expressed in one clear sentence, thus defining the parameters of the project. A well-crafted thesis will enable you to analyze the issue in a clear and concise manner.
Historical Background of the Issue: Research the history of the issue. If the topic is a very broad one, it may be necessary to include relevant information which is not as specific as the thesis statement itself, but which will create an atmosphere for the project.
Connection to the Course: How does your topic relate to concepts/ideas covered in class? Is there a connection to legal philosophy? Human rights? Draw on specific cases/discussions/debates that we have studied in class where appropriate.
Analysis: In this section, both sides of the issue must be presented. Students should not “take sides” rather; they should gather research and present their findings in an organized and unbiased fashion.
Personal Position and Conclusion: During the final section of the project, you are free to present your own personal position on the issue at hand. This should be followed by a brief conclusion re-summarizing the thesis statement and the key points of your project.
Documentation of Sources:Facts, quotations, illustrations, and case law from reference material should be used to support your thesis. If information from sources (other than your own) is used in the essay, it is necessary to reference them. If you elect to do a report, this documentation will occur in the body of the paper – all ideas which are not your own must be referenced through the use of parenthetical citation using MLA citation. If you elect to do a presentation or website, you will still need to include a Works Cited.
Your sources must include (but are not limited to):
Case Study (For example, R v. Oakes)At least one articleClass textbook (can be case study, historical information, terms, etc).Any other source(s) you find useful (be sure to assess reliability/validity!)
Important to Remember: All information used must be referenced, whether or not it is directly quoted. At the end of the project, you MUST produce an MLA formatted Works Cited with at least 5 reliable sources that you’ve used in your research as noted above. Your Works Cited should list all of the websites, books, articles, etc. that you consulted as you prepared your topic using to properly format.
Report1000 to 1500 words in length (about 4-6 pages)Your report must have a minimum of 5 – 7 sections, broken down into sections listed above.You may include titles, sub-headings, key terms, bulleted lists, images, graphic organizers, stats.