IT infrastructure security policies

Depending on the situation, IT disaster recovery is astand-alone concern or part of a broader business continuity effort. This considers types of backup sites, officePCs, and the restoration of data and programs.IT disaster recovery looks specifically at the technical aspects of howa company can get IT back into operation using backup facilities. IT disaster recovery is a business concernbecause decisions that seem purely technical may have major implications for the business that IT professionals may notaccept and should not have the authority to make.Review information assurance policytemplates via the SANS policy template site(, your Course Project 1feedback, and select a template of your choice; such as the General / Acceptable Encryption Policy to download eitherthe doc or pdf file. Utilize the downloaded template, from the SANS Policywebsite, your Course Project 1 feedback,and the Course Project Grading Rubric as a guide to provide a 5-page write-uppresenting an information assurance policy of yourchoice for a hypothetical company or an existing organization of your interest. Youwill need to have the following components included in your proposed informationassurance policy:– Overview– Purpose– Scope– Policy Compliance– Related Standards– Definitions– TermsDiscuss each component and the specific information tobe included within each section of the policy.Support yourpaper with five (5) recent(last five years) peer-reviewed resources. Inaddition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources,including older articles, may be included.Length: Fivepages of content not including titles page(s) and reference pagesYour paper shoulddemonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that arepresented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directlyto this topic. Your response shouldreflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.