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Entry #2: Read your choice of the following essays: “Letter to My Child: On the Peculiar Rhythms of Life During Quarantine” by Cathy Park Hong, “On Wounded Knee and the Murder of George Floyd” by Layli Long Soldier, “My Daughter Reminded Me That Black Joy Is a Form of Resistance” by Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggetts, and/or “Waiting for the Elvers” by Caitlin Shetterly. (If you’d like a full experience in this class, I recommend reading more than one, if not all of them, but read at least one.) All these essays, in their own ways, are examples of narrative compositions that do much the same work we’re doing for our own narrative compositions. In your journal entry for this week, take some time reflecting on the following questions. If you read more than one essay, you can focus on more than one essay in your answers if you’d like. What is the central story, or what are the central stories, in the narrative essay you read? What small moments hold the essay together? How does the author incorporate concrete, sensory detail into the essay? How does the essay connect these small moments and sensory details to the bigger picture of events of the past year? Does the essay help you connect to or find meaning from your experiences over the past year? What in the essay might you use as inspiration or as an example in your own narrative composition? (Note: These questions are prompts, just meant to get you started. You don’t have to explicitly answer each one, and if these questions open the door to different questions you’d rather address, that’s totally fine.)