Journal: Harsh Sanctions

Journal: Harsh SanctionsInstructions: For this assignment, you will read a journal article and conduct research in order to answer the questions below. You must have citations for all aspects of this assignment. Wikipedia is not a credible source of information. Failure to cite your sources will result in a failure for the assignment.1. What is capital punishment?2. Explain whether you are for or against capital punishment. Pick a case from the Capital Punishment Timeline that provides factual information for your stance on the death penalty (i.e. wrongful conviction or a serial killer) or select a case with which you are familiar (cite the source of your information).3. Explain the Eighth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment and their relevance to the death penalty. You will need a citation for this, too.4. Read and summarize the article on Organ Transplantation Among Inmates (Virtual Mentor). Do you agree with this practice? Why or why not?Link to article: