Law Codes

Assignment Guidelines:Compare the early law codes, such as that of Hammurapi or the Biblical Covenant. They can be found in Sayre pp. 43-46 and 53-54 or there are versions on Canvas along with law codes of the Hittites and the Assyrians at the above link. What kinds of general themes do you find in the codes? Based on the codes, what can you say about organization and outlook of the societies? Your paper must be between 500-750 original words in length and in MLA format.Formatting Guidelines:This essay must be well-written, and free of spelling and grammatical errors. The essay will be judged on the quality of your understanding of your chosen topic and discussion of the historiography. You should be able to organize a large body of material and facts (and too few facts that are reliable) in order to produce a coherent argument about your topic that is well organized and supported by primary and secondary sources.Style: Times New Roman 12 pointSources: Use academic sources only. Avoid the internet as a secondary source (it can be useful for preliminary research but look up the references and use them instead). The library has a small collection of books and journals but does has access to many more online. Use JSTOR to find scholarly articles. Primary sources can be harder to find and you may need to use an online version. This is fine but be careful that it is from a reliable source.