List and describe some security risks specific to the cloud.

Assignment Paper InstructionsFor every assignment:Read the directions carefully. Ensure that your assignment addresses all of the points given and questions asked.Do some research online beyond what is covered in class and in the textbook.Write 1-2 single-spaced pages, excluding titles, and citations.Write in a technical, professional style.Include a list of URLs and other resources you used for research.Citations need only be the name of an article and its URL. 20% point deduction for assignments with no URLs.You may submit Word, PDF, or plain text documents.You should upload your assignment to the correct D2L dropbox by the given due date.Paper: Cloud SecurityDo some research and write a 1-2 page paper on cloud computing that includes:
Describe what cloud computing is (about 1/4 page)List and describe some security advantages specific to the cloud (at least 2)List and describe some security risks specific to the cloud (at least 2)Find two separate examples of security vulnerabilities being exploited using the cloud, or other hacks or exploits which make use of the cloud. For each attack/exploit, briefly describe the method of the attack, and explain how the cloud enables that attack.


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