Literature review relevant to key concepts or principles in ABA

1. Identifythe focus of your review. Some sample topics may include: differentialreinforcement, escape-maintained behaviors, attention-maintained behaviors, orprompting.2. Lookfor relevant scientific literature related to the focus of your review. Searchfor scientific research or journal articles on the use of contingencies ofreinforcement or behavioral interventions3. Identifyat least 3 different articles thathave the most relevance to the focus of your review.4. Organizethe information from your sources. Read the sources that you have identifiedcarefully. Contrast them and begin summarizing the information from thosesources.5. Write yourreview:a) Clearly state thefocus of your review.b) Integratethe information from your sources. Avoid simply summarizing each of yoursources one after another. Contrast your sources.c) Elaborateon the impact of your sources in the design and implementation of behavioralinterventions related to the the focus of your review.
d) Makesure to properly cite and quote your sources. Include a list of references andalways follow APA format.
100%:The focus of your review is clearly articulated and it corresponds to a keyconcept or principle in the field of ABA. At least 3 scientific sources areincluded. All sources are directly relevant to your research review. Theresearch review accurately synthesizes information from your sources. Theresearch review thoroughly addresses the impact of behavioral procedures andtechniques on the focus of your review or relevant area of interest.