Living with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Disability Simulation Exercise 100 pts.Students will be expected to acquirea deeper knowledge of what it means to possess a disability. To complete thisexercise, students will live one week with their chosen disability. Whileliving this experience, students will document their experiences, feelings,reactions of others, challenges, and successes via daily journal entries. Atthe end of the experience, students should react to the following queries:1. What was thedisability chosen?2. What wereyour experiences as a person with a disability?3. How did theexperience affect your ability to integrate with those without disabilities?4. How didothers respond to you as a person with a disability?5. Whatchallenges did you experience?6. What weresome of your successes?7. What did theexperience teach you about the needs of persons with disabilities?