Mama (2013) Movie Theme Analysis

What is it about: Pick one specific theme from Mama (2013), the horror film where the 2 girls are found in the abandoned building in the woods after their father’s death. Build on that theme paying particular attention to grammar, organization, and developing a thesis through paragraphs that exhibits strong controlling ideas and specific supporting details. Don’t use any outside sources, and include an MLA works cited page that only cites the movie itself. The film should be the only source.
What is the required length: 4-5 pages in length- double spaced- follow MLA- Do not go over 5 pages.
A screenshot of the original instructions is linked (they’re pretty much what I already pasted here) and I also linked the rubric for how it is graded. Big themes that were discussed were motherhood and family, however it does not have to be either of them as long as it fits the instructions.