Manage change and transition

Group Project RubricResearch Paper: One Research paper (minimum 10 pages not including the title or references pages) prepared by the group (maximum 15 pages) APA style, size 12 Times New Roman Font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, and at least 5 sources cited both parenthetically and on References Page. You cannot use sources with no dates, Wikipedia, or other questionable sites; please use the online library to find peer reviewed articles. For your assignment you are going to do a research paper on one of the following topics (no two groups can have the same topics):• Violence in the workplace• Streamlining the entire recruitment process (Lean/Efficient)• Linking motivation to performance• Managing change and transitionPage 6 of 7
• Research 100 Best Companies to Work For: Choose an organization and analyze one core topic such as Compensation, Benefits, Rewards, Time Off, etc., this is an MBA-level course, and the expectation is that you will go above and beyond in your findings and presentation. You will be evaluated based upon the following: Content (70%) and Proper use of APA (30%). Research Paper Topic Due in Week 2 and the Actual Paper is Due in week 7 of the class (100 Point