Management homework help

I know that for many of you this past year has been difficult time with online instruction and still living in a world with COVID. Art has a way of helping to express how we feel during times like this.
For two points of extra credit, select a work of art from Google Arts & Culture that best expresses how you’re feeling right now (and how you’re feeling can be many things – optimistic, down, stressed, tired, unmotivated, productive, creative, etc.).
Upload a short paragraph explaining why you picked the work you did and how it relates to how you’re doing right now. Please include a link to the Google Arts & Culture artwork page and include all the artwork info like artist, title, date, medium, etc. (no need to include a photo). You’re welcome in to include the image if you’d like but it is not necessary.
Check out these quick links to help you get started but feel free to search within the site as well: