Management Research

Research Paper: New Supervisory SkillsYour research paper is based on the following scenario:You have just taken over as a Shift Supervisor at Bad TeddyBear Manufacturing and have a team of 30 under you. Your educational andtraining level is exactly what you have today.Your teams rotate shifts every 3 weeks and there are twoshifts, morning, 0700-3:30 PM and evening, 3PM to 11:30PM. You have theflexibility to move people around shifts, and you stay on the same shift, withoverlap (i.e. your hours are 9-6). Two co-leads take over when you are notthere and stay on shifts with their workers.The previous supervisor was let go for cause, failure tomeet quotas and leadership inability. The department’s morale is very low andthere is a great deal of pressure for your shift to perform.On top of this, there is a problem with two of your employees,one is always late and the other calls in sick frequently (you can decide whatfactors lead to their absenteeism). The previous supervisor never did anythingabout this and everyone knew it was an issue. One of your co-leads has broughtit to your attention and wants to know when you are going to fix it.You also have an employee that has been there for 14 yearsand has never been promoted to co-lead or supervisor. He came to you and wantsto know why? He is an older worker and knows what he is doing, however, one ofyour co-leads told you that some of the younger workers grumble that he is tooslow and can’t learn new technology. He also stated that unless he gets theopportunity to move up, he’ll quit and make sure that management knows younever gave him a chance.Finally, there is a brand new worker, a single mother, whois super sharp and a very hard worker. She told you on your first day there howmuch she loves working at the company and wants to progress upward. However,childcare is an issue and sometimes she needs to leave early. On top of that,her car has left her stranded on several occasions.You are to develop a solution to present to each of yourco-leads on how to start fixing some of these issues. Make the paperinformative, with some of the techniques and terms that we have addressed thusfar in the course that deal with new supervisors. This about the terms leadersvs. managers, counseling, feedback, types of leaders, SMART objectives, SWOT,generational differences, Theory X and Y, MBWA, and favoritism. These terms arenot all-inclusive and you are welcome to add others to support your solutions.This can be a narrative paper, informative paper, a letter(albeit a long one) or a talking paper. You can use the first person to discusswhat you think needs to be done. You can also assign tasks or take tasks awayfrom co-leaders.Your supervisor, co-leads, and workers can have fictionalnames, you can add in additional issues or factors and most of all, have funand be creative in developing this workplace. Your co-leads can be good or badat their job, you can decide how little or much you want to delegate to them aswell as how much reporting back to you is needed.Think about these challenges you will face as a newsupervisor. You may want to break this into fixing immediate problems, asix-month goal, and one-year goal.You should use proper APA 7th edition formatting.You should have a title page, 3-5 pages of body content andthe last page should references. Make sure that your paper has references.Use at least 3 references for your paper. They should bearticles that support your paper or lessons we have covered. Do not useWikipedia!The paper should contain no more than 20% direct citationsor quotations. That means 80% should be your own analysis, thoughts, and ideas.